Discover the Rich History of Seatoller

Steve Uglow's latest book "Seatoller: History of a Hamlet"

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Introduction to Seatoller's Past

Steve Uglow's remarkable two-volume series, 'Seatoller: History of Hamlet,' published by Bookcase Publishing in 2024 and available at Bookends in Keswick, offers a deep dive into the history of Seatoller, a quaint hamlet beloved by many who visit the Lakes and Borrowdale Valley.

Memorable Locations and Historical Ties

Seatoller has captured the hearts of many, from those who have stayed at the historic Seatoller House, a guesthouse with a 150-year legacy linked to Trinity College manhunts and the Tricouni mountaineering club, to diners who remember the famed Yew Tree restaurant. Not be the overlooked the daunting B5289 road, with its settp 1 in 4 gradient, holds a memorable place in the experience of both cyclists and motorists.

A Journey Through Time

The series begins with Seatoller's early days under the stewardship of the Cisterian monks from Furness Abbey, who orgininally developed the area by draining the land and enclosing the fields. Following the Reformation under Henry VIII, the narrative follows the land as it passed through various ownerships, eventually becoming known for the firecely indpendent 'Lakes statemen' and the prominent Fisher Family.

Seatoller's Industrial and Social Evolution

Two volume series by Steve Uglow 'Seatoller: History of a Hamlet'

Steve Uglow vividly details the transformation of Seatoller during the industrial era, forcing on the late 19th and early 20th centures. He highlights the construction of miners' cottages by the Honister slate company and personal stories such as that of William James Birkett Jackson, who life journey symbolises the broader historical shifts of the community.

Spotlight on Local Heros and Heritage

The narrative is enriched with stories of local figures like Annie Jopson, who managed Seatoller Farm with resilience after her husband's death, and William Jackson, whose life and tragic death in a rockfall in 1947 unerline the community's enduring spirit.

Drawing from a Wealth of Sources

Uglow's comprehensive protrayal of Borrowdale's history is supported by extensive research from Carlisle county archives, censuses, wills, genealogical records, military documents, and particularly newspaper archives. This robust foundation allows him to paint a detailed picture of the area through various epochs.