Valley Voices Podcast Launches

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Nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of the Lake District, Borrowdale Valley is not only a place of breathtaking beauty but also a reservoir of rich, unfolding stories. Our new podcast, Valley Voices, brings these stories to life, directly from the hearts of the valley's own residents. If you're a lover of deep, locally-rooted narratives or someone who cherishes the intimate connection between place and community, then this is a podcast you won't want to miss.

Why "Valley Voices"?

Valley Voices aims to preserve and celebrate the oral history of Borrowdale Valley through the personal experiences of its inhabitants. Each episode features a different local voice, from farmers to schoolteachers, each sharing tales that paint a vivid picture of both past and present life in the valley. The podcast not only entertains but educates, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of the community and its historical significance.

Meet Emmie Mousey

In our inaugural episode, we introduce listeners to Emmie Mousey, whose stories of life during wartime and her descriptions of community cohesion provide a moving and powerful portrayal of her lifelong home. Emmie's narrative is just the beginning—each episode explores different facets of life in Borrowdale, ensuring that every listener finds something that resonates.

How Can You Support "Valley Voices"?

"Valley Voices" is a passion project aimed at capturing and preserving the unique cultural tapestry of Borrowdale Valley. By subscribing to our podcast, you help us reach more listeners and ensure the ongoing production of this valuable content. Here’s how you can help:

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Join Our Community

By subscribing to Valley Voices, you do more than just sign up for a series of podcasts. You join a community dedicated to celebrating and preserving the unique history and culture of Borrowdale Valley. Your subscription helps keep these stories alive, sharing them with the world and ensuring they resonate through generations.

We invite you to tune in, subscribe, and become part of the Valley Voices community. Discover the untold stories of Borrowdale Valley and help us keep the spirit of this stunning region alive through the power of storytelling.

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