Valley Voices: Stan Edmondson

From Trout to Bees: The Enduring legacy of a Borrowdale Farmer

Nestled in the stunning landscape of the Lake District, the Borrowdale Valley is rich with stories that echo through the hills and dales of this picturesque region. Our podcast, Valley Voices, seeks to unearth and celebrate these stories, brining to life the personal experiences and historical narratives that define this beautiful area. In our latest episode, we are priviledged to share the intriguing life story of Stan Edmondson, a man whose roots are deeply embedded in the soil of Borrowdale.

Stan Edmondon, with his bee hive

A True Son of Borrowdale

Stan Edmondson's family history in the valley spans over two centuries, making him a living repository of local history and tradition. Born and raised in the valley, Stan's life reflects the agricultural heritage that has characterised the region for generations. Frome tales of sheep farming passed down through his family to personal ventures into Trout farming and beekeeping, Stan embodies the spirit of rural ingenunity and resilience.

More than just Farming

But Stan's story is not just about farming. It is a vivid tapestry that includes folklore, such as the local legent of the Borrowdale cuckoo, believed to bring eternal spring if it could kept within the valley. This take and many others Stan shares offer a glimpse into the cultural richness and mythical landscape that inform the community's identitity and daily life.

Stan's Modern Ventures

In addition to traditional sheep farming, Stan talks about his transition to trout farming and his passion for beekeeping, illustrating his innovative approach to narnessing the natural resources of Borrowdale. His recount of starting the second trout farm in the Lake District and his detailed engagement with beekeeping provide fascinating insights in to the adapatability and forward-thinking of the valley's residents.

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