Exploring Sustainable Farming at Seatoller Farm

A visit to Borrodale's dynamic duo

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Seatoller farm, located in the picturesque valley of Borrowdale, is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in sustainable farming practices. The farm is run by the dynamic duo of Daniel and Ruby, who have been working hard to create a balance between tradition and modernity.

As visitors arrive at the farm, they are greeted by the sights of a clean and well-maintained yard buildings. The farm is one of the older ones in the valley, with rich history and tradition.


Daniel and Ruby raise a flock of Herdwick and Swaledale sheep, with many producing twins. However, this poses a challenge when it comes to the ancient Hefting Arrangements, a system where sheep respect the boundaries of their traditional grazing areas.

Depsite this challenge, the farm has managed to maintain a strong and healthy flock of sheep, and has also diversified its income streams by catering to visitors. The farm offers:

a camp site, shop, and pizza facility for vistors to enjoy. The farm has a strong commitment to working with environmentallists in maintaining walls and tree planing, and this is evident in the well-maintained landscape.

Climate Change Impact

In addition to the environmental efforts, the farm also has to deal with the impact of climate change, specifically the floods that have affected the area in recent years. After the devastating floods of last September, which resulted in the loss of fifty hogs, the farm has been working on ways to mitigate the effects of such natural disasters in the future.

Looking Toward the Future

Depsite these challenges, Seatoller farm has managed to maintain a balance between traditiona and modernity, and it's no wonder that it's a popular destination for visitors. The farm is a great example of how sustainable farming practices can be successful and visitors can see for themselves the impact of the hard work and dedication of the farm owners. If you are ever in the area, don't miss the opporutnity to visit Seatoller farm and see sustainable farming in action.